Reviews about Erogan

  • Nicolae
    Capsule acceptance Erogan instructions and for a short while, he set to work. A single decision already then the girl's happy, too, because this time it took really long.
  • Constantin
    The man is completely healthy, I have no complaints. But I really like the effect this capsule. Yes, and the girls I was thrilled. I can do five times the night before. After orgasm – it's just a thing. Exactly as described in words, this is just own experience!
  • Ion
    Not so much the stimulant drug known segment more potency, more Erogan. Those already in the market the first year, but it was the worst. You a clear way to follow the instructions applied, then the perfect is good enough for sex.
  • Ioan
    Hello. What I can tell, I felt a pleasure and it's an amazing feeling. A lady drives me crazy. It surprised him and his effectiveness, I'm sorry, unnecessary details , but now almost missing me all night.
  • Vasile
    To get was about 3 months ago. Discovered the side effects. The effect is instant, literally half an hour later accepted. What I forgot is numb after the course of treatment.
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